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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Second Blogiversary...that I kinda already missed...again!

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So here it is again.
A second technically missed blogiversary!
Should have been on the 1st of this month.

So last year's post was here (in case you missed it).
And this year well....feels like a lot less growth then the 0 to first blogiversary.

So let's begin with the basics...
Today's stats...
622 total posts
8 followers!  (Yay!)
Pageviews today 25
Pageviews yesterday 48
Pageviews last month 1,694
Pageviews all time history 33,870

So I'm growing in at least some aspects lol.
Stuck in other aspects.
Not sure the direction of the blog...probably going to be a continuance of mishmash.
Talking about random things, random dating, trying to find my place in the TDot.

Too much to hope for 2013 being the best year yet?
I hope not.
This year if I had to pick a word... it would be hope.
I hope.
(Could I have used hope any more times in one paragraph?...ummm great writing/proper grammar will likely never be the strength of this blog lol).

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