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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Birthday Curse...broken???

So it may be true that the birthday curse may have been broken...
The girls from my new little group from the CanadaCrew took it upon themselves to throw that lovely brunch at The Drake.

Pic from here
Laurel made these fabulous cupcakes

My father came up to visit and we had dinner together on my actual birthday at the Bier Markt
And it was a fun quiet time.
Pick from here
A collection of lovely birthday cards from the girls that made me smile.

And MrRealtor was very sweet and got me a Kate Spade Wallet and Purse
I finally have a grown up wallet!!!  Love this colour!

I always love the hidden happiness that is inside Kate Spade these polka dots.

Seriously it has a bow...could I love it any more?  It's my first Kate Spade handbag too!

Again love the stripes of the inside of this bag!

Which clearly are totally my style and I love.

Speaking of great of my co-workers knew of my love a particular piece of art.
And I LOVE it!
If you know Gossip Girl you will totally get it or if you know Marfa, TX lol...

I officially now share my birthday with Eva's little one.
Yup he arrived on my birthday!  Isn't THAT a funny set of circumstances!

Each of the Waterloo girls sent me birthday well wishes.
Val even took the time to take me out for dinner which was lovely.
We went to Aria...a place we had both wanted to try for a bit.

Pic from here.

So what do we think?
Is the birthday curse finally broken???

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  1. Whoo!! Sounds like a BEAUTIFUL birthday week!!!!! And I'm out of the loop on previous birthdays, but I say you are very blessed for your birthday :) !