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Monday, December 10, 2012

Saturday Snakes

So this past Saturday afternoon I headed out for the first time in what feels like FOREVER with my Canada crew.
It was P's birthday celebration so us girls decided to meet up at Snakes and Lattes
Pic from their website.
Such a cute place!
Pic from their website
Think of it like a cute cafe where you have 2, 369 games to pick from!
Pic from their website
These guys even know how to explain the directions to you for almost any game.
Pic from their website.
They have tons of food that are all cafe style.
Think baked goods, sandwiches, quiches etc.
Pic from their website.
And of course some delicious lattes!

So we picked some games to play.
A hard task with all these options.

Pic from their website.
We decided on Dreamphone, Them & Us and Dirty Minds.
And had a blast laughing and playing games.
Laurel had picked up a plain New York style cheesecake (Our girl P loves cheese!) and then we all brought different topping from passionfruit jelly, to raspberry topping, to Skor bits and Caramel.
They were totally cool with us bringing in a birthday treat!

Later we all headed home so the girls could change and get ready for a fun pub night.
I decided to hold off simply to get more rest as the next two weeks are crazy busy and I'm still not 100% well.
I'm loving handing out with my new little CanadaCrew though :)

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  1. I love this idea of a coffee shop!! Austin needs one. Love that you've found a group you enjoy spending time with :) !