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Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Club Number Three

Book club number three was here before we knew it.
This month's selection The Lock Artist
Picture from
 Hosted at Laurel's place last Thursday.
With only a few days left until Christmas.

 Laurel's grandmother's cookie recipe

Yummy!  These were brought by E

And these by S
And this may have been moments before I dropped one of those cookies face down on the ground (face palm)!

It wouldn't be a December book club without an egg nog toast!

And it wouldn't be out kind of book club without some kind of official grading system!
We are super cool in case you didn't realize!

Here is the bar graph I received via email the next day from P.
We each gave a score from 0-5 on each of four critical categories lol!

Clearly this month's book club is the winner so far.
And everyone was really happy with their book club 2012 ornament (read here if you missed it).
These monthly meetings are something I definitely look forward to.
I can't wait until January's meeting...

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