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Friday, December 14, 2012

Crafty McCrafterson

So yesterday was December's book club and I thought I would do something sweet for the girls.  So I decided first to look for book ornaments.
Ummm yea pretty impossible to least from where I looked.

So I set off to figure out how to make some.
Here's how it went...

Started off with some wood chips.

Put some together...lined them up...

Stuck them together...with double sided tape...hate glue guns (I always burn myself)...

Then used some paper

That I scored and cut and used double sided tape again to make the first "book"

The middle book I made with three "layers" and I used this book for the ribbon of the ornament....I thought it  kind of looked like a book mark that way.  I just repeated what I did for the first book...

The third book I made four layers...and gave a label for the top!
Stacked all three...The top book is called "Hot Mess" because it's an inside joke from us girls.

 To the book spines I wrote, Book CLub 2012 xoxo Teagan

And voila...a three book ornament (representative of the fact that we have read 3 books).

All lined up ready for the girls!

There you have first homemade ornament in years!
And the response was great...the girls seemed to like them.
Love our book club...I will post tomorrow so you can see all the goodies we had.


  1. O. M. G.!! SUCH a supercute idea! If you haven't put this on Pinterest, you need to. I am in awe of your creativity today! :)!!!!

  2. LOVE! Those are adorable. I might have to steal that for the book group that I run at work. :)

  3. LOVE them!! Thinking Estella and A need one for their book shower :) .

  4. @Beth- awww thanks doll!

    @A- feel free to steal away :)

    @PSD- that is true I should whip one up and mail it to them!