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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maybe I'm a Masochist

So y'all despite all your reservations...
I went to the CNE with MrAttorney.
(Recall this is like the Texas State Fair only in Toronto).
We both had never been.
Pic from here 
It had been a week since I'd seen him.
Where dinner turned into a sleepover which turned into me cracking a joke about how it was the longest most drawn out breakup in history.
Only we immediately fell back into the pattern of 20-30 emails/text/etc.

So we head to the CNE.
Where there are such great things as fried butter (I believe the Texas State Fair originated this).
Pic from here
To the Epic Burger stand that got shut down due a whole lot of food poisoning from the Canadian rip off of  the Cronut Burger.
Pic from here
I wore a white dress.
Heck it was Labour Day!
Last chance to sport white.

He commented that I was the classiest looking woman at the CNE.
Pic from here
We wandered around first sampling such things as Korean Tacos, Curly Fries, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade and Funnel Cakes (I know not very adventurous but all the deep fried weird stuff didn't sound that appealing.
We headed to watch my favourite part Superdogs (basically a dog show with racing, Frisbee catching)...the type of things that draws the families.
Pic from here
My favourite part was the wine pavillion that had a three piece string band...triplet??? Is there a name for that?
And we sat there and legit made a PRO CON list.
I'll spare you the details but PRO list was 12 items long.
The CON list was one item "the fact that he was unsure/not ready".

And we walked around and as our conversation went round and round as it usually does.
And finally I said, "I can't anymore MrAttorney.  It's been five months and in my experience I don't know usually means no".
His response was "you've never "not known" ever before?"
And I replied, "yup but when I didn't know it was because I didn't really like the person for whatever reason."

And as we walked out of the CNE earlier than fireworks for this many aspects.
He kept trying to put his arm around me and pull me into him and grab my hand.
And each time I would pull away and say "you're making this really difficult".

We finally arrived at my car (I parked at his condo which is only a short walk from the CNE).
And he kept saying "I want you to know how much I like you and how much I care about you.
My reply, "MrAttorney it does not matter."
I started to cry (and pulled my sunglasses on to make it not so obvious).
He tried to hug and kiss me on the check and I said "no you do not get to make me cry and then try to comfort me".

He asked me to text him when I got home.
I said "no...this is calls/no texts/ no's too hard for me".
And with that I hopped into my car and drove off with a sad little wave in response to his wave goodbye.
And promptly sobbed the entire drive home.
And that is how MrAttorney and I broke up.

And then he sent me 10 text message pictures of our afternoon at the state fair.

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