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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

getting back out there

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So last night I had a first date.
And boy was I nervous.
I went shopping with K before hand.
I had to pick up some goodies for my little nugget I'm visiting in Dallas in just over two weeks!

I started getting really really quite.
K could sense my nervousness and totally tried to pump me up.
I headed over to Joey's to meet him for a drink.

He was 20 minutes late!  
I almost went into panic mode like oh my goodness I'm about to be stood up!
But he arrived.
Tall, dark and handsome.

I was just a nervous chatterbug.
The wine was good and before I knew it two hours flew by.
It was good.
And most importantly it made me feel better.
Especially since he made mention that he was surprised I was on a dating website because "you don't seem shy and I'm sure you get set up frequently".
I just giggled.

At the end we walked out together.
Myself to the subway stop (I've started taking TTC (Toronto's public transit) downtown when I work downtown).
He mentioned for the second time that he had fun and we should do it again soon.
I agreed but we didn't make actual plans.
He hugged me and I kissed him on the cheek but was so nervous I'm not sure if I turned away from him kissing me.

But all in all last night was just what I needed.
Starting to get my groove back just a little I think!

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