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Thursday, September 19, 2013

the messages

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So yesterday I was minding my own business.
Got a chance to catch up with Taylor and her beautiful daughter on FaceTime.
Then schlepped through some dating website communication.

And at 11:49 PING.

Oh I think to myself must K or Will or Taylor.
And when I glanced down.
It was MrAttorney.

He wrote...
"hey sorry I know I'm not supposed to be messaging you but I still have your pillow cases.  Do you want them?"

First, the explanation of him apologizing about not supposed to be messaging me.
I made that rule after last Sunday's conversation (read here if you missed it) because I get sucked back in.  So it's better that we simply do not talk.
As far as I'm concerned he has essentially told me he isn't interested in a relationship so I'm trying my best to move on and things like this do NOT help.

Second, he actually has a full sheet set of mine (not just pillowcases) because when his brother came to visit a few weeks back I lent him my air mattress and a sheet set because I knew he wouldn't be that organized.
So no, I don't want it back because I cannot seem him.  I know I will get butterflies and want to spend time with him and one thing will lead to another and before you know it will turn into a sleepover like a few Sundays ago.

Then he has to go and follow it up a few minutes later PING!
With a "I hope you had fun at the Michigan game and I hope you are doing well".
These messages are killing me.

Now to make matters even more confusing I keep getting different pieces of advice.
Will says, simply don't respond because he is not ready (to change/be in a relationship) based on those texts.
My guy friend from high school says I should respond with "I did.  Keep the pillow cases".
Then a work colleague says maybe he is trying to keep the window of communication open because he is actually interested in me and I shouldn't close down that opportunity if I care about him (which I do).

So could someone please tell me which the bloody hell is it?


  1. It's definitely not #3...that's just totally implausible.

    I think you're OK with either of the others, though. Whether you totally ignore him or just be really shirt with him, he's bound to get the message eventually, right?

  2. @Accidentally Me- I've gone the ignoring route. But that's just it what message is he receiving? I'm crazy about him and I wish he would turn around and say, "I made a huge mistake and we should be together" (I realize how lame that makes me seem lol). I will preface it that with I feel like he was struggling with his feelings when we talked because he would always come back to "I've (him) never had so much compatibility and click and passion ever with anyone". Which is super annoying to hear when that doesn't go along with wanting to be in a relationship. Ugh!