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Monday, September 9, 2013

the call

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So MrAttorney called back last night.
Because he missed the sound of my voice.
And he missed me.

First he filled the conversation about something that was bothering him about his life.

Then the focus returned to what was at hand.
The giant pink elephant in the room.

I told him I couldn't do this.
Simply put...I like him and I want to be in a relationship.
Only I cannot make that decision for him.
And he still doesn't know.

I told him I missed him a ton.
This past week was quite difficult.
He said he felt the same.
I said maybe that means something.

So after talking for about an hour or so.
I told him he needs to make up his mind.
And at the end of the conversation I said, "Goodbye MrAttorney." 
And he goes, "I'll talk to you soon".
I said "Bye" and hung up the phone...

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