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Monday, May 6, 2013

the seventh

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So after a super long week I kind of bailed on my Friday night plans with MrAttorney
Well we didn't actually have plans...
But when he found out I didn't he invited me to join him and his friends downtown
Only I wasn't feeling it

On Saturday I had to meet my parents in Waterloo to pick up my ($200 repair) on my car
We couldn't really come up with plans.
Which sort of made me cranky.

The though spot where you don't want to be high maintenance but when things don't really seem to be working out.
He headed up to my area of town and we tried to go eat at one place but they gave us only 15 minutes until the kitchen closing.
So we ended up heading to the Shops at Don Mills to go to the Bier Market.

Where we proceeded to have a great time.
I felt bad for sort of being difficult with finding a place to go eat.
Which is annoying because I have so much fun with him.

He is very kind to me even if he does like to tease me a little.
He often does sweet things.
Like the next morning when I was feeling a little hung over he went to go pick me up some Gatorade while I continued to sleep.

I took him to my favourite breakfast place in the city Hammersmiths.
Before we headed back to my place for a short nap while we watched episodes of Breaking Bad.
I had Cinco de Mayo plans with the CanadaCrew so MrAttorney suggested I plan on staying at his place so I could partake in margaritas with my lunch.

He even dropped me off the Drake where I was meeting up with everyone.
After I had a great afternoon eating tacos and drinking one too many margaritas on a patio he even came to pick me up.
We ordered take out from Pizzeria Libretto and just had a relaxing early night to sleep.

This morning it was only a little awkward when we ran into one of his neighbours at 7am in the hallway.
Him CLEARLY carrying my sorority print overnight bag and me carrying cowboy boots in one hand.
I'm starting to like him too much for my own good.

Oh yeah and just to up his amazing-ness factor.
He speaks French fluently.
I mean... seriously!

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