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Sunday, May 5, 2013

the sixth

Tuesday night after a stressful day at work 
I had to pick up a package at our Brampton office location
Which is a HUGE pain in the butt seeing as I was in the downtown location.

This meant fighting horrific traffic during peak times
And as I texted over lunch this to MrAttorney 
He actually offered to keep me company

So instead of battling it on my own cursing the overcrowed Toronto roads.
We had some laughs
And got to chat

After we headed back to his place (downtown where all the cool people ie. my friends also live).
Decided to head to Gusto101 for dinner.
One of my favs since they also on Trattoria Nervosa (which you may remember as the last food stop from when Taylor last visited Toronto).
Pic from here
And we had wine and shared food and just laughed.
From there we headed to SpiritHouse Toronto.
Which I've always wanted to go to but haven't had a chance.
Pic from here
A very cool vibe.
Actually the more I think about it the more I liked it.
For a drink 
(me a Kir Royale (my fav) and a Bramble for him (he teased me that I ordered him a girly drink but had no problem with how good it tasted)
Pic from here

We were having so much fun that we walked to BarChef to share a molecular cocktail.
Pic from here
I always like going to barchef because it is dark and romantic.
And let's be real the molecular cocktails blow my mind!
Pic from here
Just one of those nights where time flies by much too quickly.
I'm just waiting for him to get sick of me lol

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