Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I'm sinking into a happy blur as days whip by.
I need to write about all the fun things I've been doing.

Like lunch and pedis with the girls.

A concert with the Canada Crew to see the British Indie Band The Foals.

Medieval Times with the CanadaCrew which was so fun.

Heading down to Maple Leaf Square with 15 000 others to watch the Leafs bite it in game seven

A weekend in Kingston to visit Jane, Quinn, Val, Eva and their families.

Watching Les Mis with the girls.

Heading to Taste of the Food Terminal with the Canada Crew.

And falling pretty hard for MrAttorney.
I cannot get enough of spending time with this man.
He makes me laugh and he's smart and sexy and just amazing.
I'm in big time trouble!

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