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Saturday, May 4, 2013

the fifth

so MrAttorney was between firms for about a week 
so he spent it in Miami where his younger brother lives.
Now we just started hanging out so I didn't expect to hear from him much

To my surprise he did message me on a few occasions and even took up my suggestion to go see the parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road which I'm currently obsessed with
Parking garage by day...
Pic from here
Cool venue space by night...
Pic from here
I must see this the next time I'm in Miami!
So after my sorority meeting downtown this past Monday night he asked for me to stop by
because he had a gift for me 

He brought me back macarons from Miami.
Which I thought was so sweet and kind.
After all anyone who knows me at all know my obsession with these perfect little desserts
Pic from here
I was impressed that he would cart these delicate little desserts back just for me.
I'll keep you posted on how things go
I have to admit I don't want to jinx it
because we all know it only takes 17 dates before things tend to crumble apart
guess I'll just have to enjoy the next possible 12

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