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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Y'all I don't even know where to begin with the craziness that is my dating life when it is fresh new line up.
But I'll try.
Two weekends ago I was at my brother's house for his birthday party.

I met my cousin Bella before hand.
She came with her boyfriend and his friend.
She hopped in my car and gave me the low down on his friend.

He had been dating his girlfriend for 4.5 years and they broke up 2.5 weeks ago.
She apparently freaked because he bought a house and that was much too serious for the girlfriend.
SO in order to cheer him up Bella brought him along.
And she had invited two of her sort of crazy and wild girlfriends from work.
They were there to flirt with him and cheer him up.

As we awaited these cheer up girls to arrive.
I ended up chatting casually with him.
He had been having a really rough two and a half weeks.
And then he tried to open a bottle of wine and as much as he tried he couldn't do it.
And then I did it...easily (I tried to make him feel better telling him he loosened it...he didn't buy it).

Then he tried to open a beer and promptly sheared off the top part getting glass in it.
Seriously...buddy was having an off night.
And really I didn't think too much about him.
Turns out we went to the same high school...only we missed each other because he is 6 years younger than me.

As the night progressed I think those other girls were a little too aggressive for him.
So then we all headed out to a bar in my hometown much to my dismay (seeing as I was in a cotton dress, tights, flats and a cardigan...not exactly bar attire).
We all were out and the funny thing is was in the first 10 minutes I kept getting approached.
Everyone found it quite amusing.

And then like always Bella and her boyfriend got in a screaming match.

Which lead to us suggesting we just leave.
So we headed back to Bella and her boyfriends house.
Where they continued to fight and we finally decided that Bella and I would stay there and the boys would stay at her boyfriend's friends house.

The next day we decided to have a lazy day of watching movies and eating wings.
Bella and her boyfriend were still trading jabs with each other.
So me and the Bella's boyfriends friend (okay I think I just need to come up with something to keep it simple how about Mr.Tenderfoot (hey he is SIX years younger than I am...clearly I have an issue with it) would just exchange looks.

So at the end of the night I was heading back to my parents place.
Bella's boyfriend was complaining about being tired so I offered to drive Mr.Tenderfoot home.
He invited me in for a drink and to show me his new place.
It was adorable because clearly he was super excited about it.

And then he jokingly said at the end of the night "I make a really good breakfast" (which is the bad pickup line we had all talked about earlier in the night...remember when this Mr tried to use it on me???)
Anywho I laughed and said I better go.
A quick hug later I headed home.
Not thinking too much about it.
I mean he was super handsome and fun BUT he's SUPER young and he lives in the city I basically can't stand.

When I got home he texted me...telling me Bella never told him before that she had a gorgeous cousin and that he didn't say that before because he had a really hard time reading me.
He wanted to let me know that he thought I was a really down to earth girl and he was happy we met.
We chatted a bit back and forth the next day...when he invited me to go to a concert with him the following Friday.  It seemed like a fun thing so I agreed.
Because seriously he is TWENTY-FIVE and I at least deserve to have a little fun if not get my groove back just a little...
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  1. So what if he is 25? I know it can be a little alarming right off the bat, but it is FAR from an age difference that will automatically be a problem. The fact that he just bought a house implies that he is an "older" 25 anyway.

    You could certainly start dating and find out that it is an issue, but I would never dismiss something off the bat because he is six years younger than you. Girls are allowed to have younger boys, too!!!

    I'd actually be a little bit more concerned that he is three weeks out of a five year relationship;-)