Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boston & Hartford

Pic from here
Super excited that Laurel and I confirmed our trip in April to Boston & Hartford.
Don't know if you noticed the new counter downer thingy at the top of the blog.
And while we have only 4 short days (5 if you include the drive).
I'm super excited to have something on the calendar to count down to.

So anyone have any suggestions of things we MUST do.
It's a first time for us both in those cities.
Yay for a girly roadtrip!


  1. Just make sure it's not marathon weekend in Boston:-) (Usually the mid-month weekend)

    Where are you staying?

  2. We will be in Boston Thursday and Friday (I really want to stay at the W because it is my fav!)And then Hartford Saturday and Sunday :)