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Friday, February 1, 2013

Thursday Night Out

So last night the hum drum of winter definitely settling in here.
Seriously winter in Toronto is SO dark and gray and depressing (well at least for me lol).
So a few of us decided just to grin and bear it and head out for dinner and a movie.

I met up with S and E of the CanadaCrew.
We went to Salad King.
I haven't been there since this time.
Salad King (Toronto, Canada)
Pic from here
And S and E had insider knowledge to order an off item menu.
I love stuff like that.
So if you are going to Salad King order the Islamic Noodles....which is like Pad Thai with chicken, shrimp, veggies and a red curry sauce.
It was yummo.
Pic from here
After that we headed to the movies to watch Les Mis.
And you know what it was a good night.
To get out of the cold.
Gossip with the girls.
And watch a girly musical.
Somehow going to make it through this winter.

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