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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another first

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So I broke back into dating last Sunday!
And I was so nervous.
Actually felt sick to my stomach about it.

But it was okay.
Not amazing but okay.
A Starbucks coffee date which is fine...a little uncreative but fine.
With the right person and spark and chemistry a Starbucks date is fabulous but for a first date it is a tough choice.
At least I got the jitters out a little before I go full fledged into this craziness again.

Another funny guy who said he was 5'11"
For clarity I'm all of 5'3 and 1/2" (the 1/2" is clearly important).  
And when we had the awkward hug goodbye (ugh the goodbye is like the WORST part of the first date for me).  And again I was the overhugger (I've written here about that before lol).
I was in yeah there is no way this dude was 5'11".

Also you know on a first date I try to pick a cute outfit, do my hair, a little makeup.
He wore jeans and athletic running shoes (which basically gives me hives I cannot STAND that style).  A t-shirt with a zip pull over.  
I guess I'm more of a formal/dress up kind of person.
Or maybe I'm just being ridiculously picky.
At least I got it out of the way...I hope it is not indicative of the next few will be lol.

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