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Friday, February 8, 2013

First Thursdays

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So last night I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario (we call it the AGO here in Toronto).
I went with the Canada Crew.
It's an event they put on the first Thursday of each month.
They describe it as.

We’re bringing it all together 
– art, artists, live music, food, drinks and you – 
for one fun-filled Thursday each month. 
Grab a drink, roam the galleries and make art. 
All in one night.

And the best part is the tickets are $10 (cheaper than the regular $19.50 admission price and WAY more fun!)
Here's the poster from the February 2013 First Thursday we went to last night.
They had awesome Toronto street food.
Hard to pick between grilled cheese, samosas  empanadas, pulled pork sandwiches  lemon and rosemary potato chips, and caramel rice crispy squares.

So we ate and sipped cocktails and roamed the gallery.
AND we even participated in the interactive grafitti modge podge wall art.
Want to know what I contributed...that's right I saw the Boy Crazy on the wall...and flipping through magazines looking for photos I found this Cosmo Quiz that seemed rather appropriate to post beside lol.
And now I (currently) unofficially have my "art" hanging in a renouned art gallery.

don't mind the disheveled look I came from work walking through a snow storm so I looked AWFUL!

Our favourite thing was this rollercoaster bed
Imagine the fun you could have on that lol
It's an awesome event that has sold out every month since October 2013.
We had an absolute blast.
Pic from here
So if you have the chance I highly suggest you go because...

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