Trip to see Taylor!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013


For Friday I was nervous.
I had MrTenderfoot coming up from my hometown.
And we had been flirt texting all week (flexting???)

I rushed home after work and changed real quick.
And then we jumped in a car and headed downtown.
We went to Weslodge for dinner.
I'd been dying to go there ever since I saw there oversize yellow doors!
weslodge saloon toronto
Pic from here
Anywho when we first sat down the server asked if we were brother and sister (which could NOT be a good sign...clearly my insecurities of looking way too old for him were correct!)
So despite that we had a great dinner and chat.
It definitely had a great vibe.
I loved the (slightly cheesy) decor.
weslodge saloon toronto
Pic from same as above.
I loved how the servers were styled.
Definitely a fun place to go.
And they wear holsters which suited the place.
weslodge saloon toronto
Pic from same as above.
Before we knew it it was time to head to the concert.
So we walked down to the Rogers Centre to watch Swedish House Mafia.
Pic from here
And we grabbed drinks and I pretended not to notice all the young things in BARELY any clothing.
Like literally there were girls there in bikinis and Uggs.
Suddenly my leggings/tank/blazer combo didn't seem so cool lol.

And at some point during this song.

He kissed me.
And it was the mix of the pounding bass, and drinks and just good feeling.
That I just went with it.

And the making out continued at my place until the wee hours of the morning.
At least I was the good responsible one and drew the line before things got too out of hand.
And the next day rolled into a very hung over brunch out.
He came with me to pick up my new glasses (which he claimed to find VERY sexy lol).
And before I knew it I had to go meet some of the girls from the CanadaCrew to watch the Ice Carving Contest in Yorkville.

But before he left he pulled me in for a ridiculously good kiss.
This has no possible way of working out.
He is much too young and lives in my hometown.
It's too bad because he is super cute ...maybe I can at least hang out with him a few more times?
Guess we'll see what happens...