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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things I should not do

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So after I missed a call from him last night at 11:30pm (maybe on purpose).
Today I woke up and decided to email MrAttorney.
SO I quickly wrote out something along the lines of ' hey if you're texting or calling me out of pity/remorse/guilt please don't'.
And in my flurry of trying to get it out and hit send quickly I sent it... to his work email.

I had to then text him to apologize (so he could delete it if he wanted).
His response was basically "I am NOT doing anything out of pity, remorse or guilt.  I like hanging out with you and I always have an awesome time with you.  This is probably a conversation best done in person.  Anyways how is your morning going?"
Lol I mean really???

And just like that of course we end up emailing back and forth all day on a variety of random topics like we usually do.
All the things that I probably shouldn't do.
It stinks and I should follow all of your advice so why is that do darn hard?
I know I need to follow the advice given to me after yesterdays post...
Y'all I suck!


  1. Yea, you're right, you shouldn't;-)

  2. You don't suck and I speak from experience when I say AM gives very good life advice.