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Friday, November 30, 2012

Still alive y'all

Pic from here
Super sucky blogger here...
And yup still alive.
Wish my absense was to regale y'all with stories of an all consuming love.
Yea it's not.

Simply put treading water.
Big time.
Putting through the motions.

Negotiating dating with ...
MrRealtor...knowing I should just break it off but finding a comfort in the just spending enough time with someone comfort kind of way
B...though its one of those weird I'm not quite sure I'm the girl for you but will invite you to a family wedding in two Saturdays from now but only as a friend and really as family buffer which will only end up being super awkward.
Maybe talked to Jacob...a little because that's what I do when I'm just lost.

Oh yea and all of the above are kind of pissed at me for being indecisive and stalling.
But not pissed off enough to stop hanging out/messaging.
So weird.

And I'm contemplating the usual.
Career change
Dumping aforementioned lineup and starting over...again.

AKA I'm back...I think

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